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Fic: 2001st Century Lover - Ianto/Face of Boe (Jack) NC17 1/4

Title: 2001st Century Lover 1/4
Pairing: Ianto/Face of Boe, Jack/Ianto implied
Rating: NC17
Summary: While working in the archives Ianto receives a message asking for his presence in the far flung future, the continuation of a race depends on him.

Warnings: Tentacle Sex

Disclaimer: Torchwood and the respective characters do not belong to me; they remain the property of the BBC and Russell T Davies respectively. They are used without permission. This never happened and it is written for purely entertainment purposes.

A/N: all mistakes are my own as there was no beta for this piece.

Special thanks to tiggerbrasilf who helped bounce ideas for this and make it into the piece it’s become.

Part 1

Ianto rolled his shirt sleeves up as he heaved yet another box around in the archives. He groaned under the strain as he moved the cardboard box that was a lot heavier than it looked. He was glad of the table close by that he could put it on while he catalogued the contents. Setting it down, he breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped the sweat from his brow on his forearm before sinking into the chair.

He grabbed his notepad and pen before reaching into the box to take the first of the items from the box, smiling wryly as he recognised the small silver anal pearls in the velvet pouch. He’d wondered where Jack had put those. Those would not be going on the catalogue of items stored within the vast archives. Maybe I’ll surprise Jack by wearing them for him later. Ianto mused as he ran his fingers lightly over the cool surface before setting them back inside their pouch and putting them to one side. Reaching into the box again Ianto chuckled to himself as he pulled out a leather collar which was attached to an impressive looking cock ring. I really need to speak to Jack about leaving his toys lying around where anyone could find them. Unless of course he’s trying to tell me something in his own not so subtle way.

“Third time lucky I guess.” Ianto said to himself as he set the collar down and reached into the box once more. His fingers slipped over a small leather square, as he traced the edges he realised that there were pages inside the cover. Pulling it out he was surprised to see the passport sized wallet, one he’d not seen since Canary Wharf during his training when he was told the properties of psychic paper. Flipping the cover open he was surprised when he didn’t see a rude or suggestive comment from his lover.

Licking his lip nervously Ianto stared at the hastily scrawled writing seeing his own name blatantly written amongst the note.

Ianto Jones, your presence is requested in the 2001st century. The continuation of my species is dependent on your speedy arrival. Inside the box you are cataloguing you will find what you need to reach me. All the co ordinates are preset; all you need do is press the first button on its own near the blue light.

Although You can’t tell me that you’re leaving for the future, temporal paradoxes and time lines. You know the protocol.

I hope you’ll come to me.

Dearest Jack.

P.S they call me Boe in the 2001st century.

Ianto got to his feet and stared into the box, seeing a familiar wrist strap. He picked up the leather and stroked it reverently as his mind remembered how it felt against his body as Jack touched him while making love to him wearing it. He put it on and then made to pull his shirtsleeves down to cover it. He sighed in defeat as he knew he was going to have to lie to his lover due to something that was going to happen in his future. Making his way upstairs Ianto touched his earpiece as he knew it’d be far easier lying to Jack when he wasn’t looking him in the eye.

“Jack, are you there?”

“I’m here, what it is Ianto?” Jack asked, seemingly distracted by something that Ianto couldn’t see from his current location in the archives.

“I have to go away for a few days. My sister, as you know she’s pregnant and well she needs me. I hope you’ll understand but I need to be with her, she’s all I’ve got left.” Ianto lied effortlessly, feeling his stomach clench as he did so. He knew Jack wasn’t aware that his sister had given birth a week ago, but he still hated having to lie to his lover, even under his own future self’s express instructions to do so.

“I’ll miss you while you’re away, but we can cope without you for a few days. The world’s not going to end because you need a few days away. Go and take care of her.” Jack said clearly having believed the lie.

“Thanks Jack. I’ll see you in a few days.” He said softly as he made his way out into the entranceway, glancing up at Jack’s office as he passed by. He touched his earpiece and severed the connection as he left the Hub. Hoping that whatever it was that he was being summoned for wasn’t some elaborate ruse to get him out of action so that Jack would be forced to come for him to rescue him.

Ianto knew that Jack would watch him leave so he knew that he couldn’t activate the vortex manipulator until he was away from the Plas. He drove the short distance to his flat and dropped his car off, before making his way away from the flat. He needed to get far enough away that he could activate the wristband and set off for his destiny. If that’s what it truly was.

Checking around himself for any sign of pedestrians Ianto ducked behind a tall fence and flipped open the wristband’s cover, and glancing down he bit his lower lip. This was it; he was off to be a hero a saviour of a race apparently. As he pressed the button Ianto felt his whole world pull in around his stomach as he was pulled from the 21st century and into the unknown of the 2001st century.


Part 2
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